this is a place. you might be a person.

I'm Macey. I am a person that does things. I'm lazy and hate change. I like moonlight. I like beer. That is all.
I can’t tell the difference between heartburn and heartache.2 notesreblog
this is my dinner. I am an adult.
wine and Dexter’s lab was an excellent idea

idk why Dee Dee has a cork in the ass of her suit and I don’t care

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Wheat beer! 😄🍻 by mackythebrave

This is quite possibly the oddest beer I’ve ever put in my mouth.
I haven’t heard your laugh in 3 years.

I hope you laugh more now. I hope you’ve learned to let people in.

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my ex seems pretty eager to talk to me again.

I’m still not sure if this will be good or bad for me, but we’ll see. I do miss his stupid face. If only he’d trim his goddamn beard.

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multivitamins and a kitkat. it’s what’s for dinner.0 notesreblog
tumblr is for selfies and whining, right?
welp. this flyer convinced me.
The Morning Times is the best for coffee on a rainy day.
ex texting

that happened last night. not sure how I feel about it.

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Can Kanye just go ahead and start the official Church of Yeezus so I have someone to worship and can write off tithing on my taxes?7 notesreblog